Divine Alignment

Being a first generation pastor and not growing up around the ministry i, like many, have had a unique journey from the outside to the platform. Coming from the pew to the pulpit the Lord exposed me to many wonderful truths to be able to share with other Christ followers. One of those is understanding the principle of God’s Divine Alignment when God’s favor and blessings are poured out for us, but we have to get to the place of pouring to receive it. Many times our culture and the devil attempt to get us out of alignment so we won’t obtain the abundance things God has for us in the Kingdom. From scripture we see how in Psalm 133 the anointing oil that was poured on the head of Aaron flowed down his head onto his face, beard and then his body. It is easy to understand the flow of the oil comes from the top and flows down. Elijah the prophet was in need of food and God told him to get to a certain place near a stream of water where he had purposed crows to bring him food to provide for his need. He later told him to go to a widow’s house to get his next meal and he did. Another time in the book of acts a man had been laid at a gate for over 30 years and one day a couple of Christ followers named Peter and John came by and healed the guy. Jesus told the blind man to go to the Jordan river and wash his eyes to receive his sight. If these people in scripture had not gone to the divine place God told them, they would have missed the miracle and provisions of God for their lives. What am i saying? I am saying that God always instructs us to be in  certain places under certain ministries and certain leadership because it is their that we will be positioned to receive what He has for us, if we step out then we risk missing the very thing we need the most. If Elijah had went to a different stream he would have starved, if the crippled man had decided to go to another place that day, he would have missed Peter and John, if the blind man had gone to the pool of Bethesda he would have still been blind. One of the main principles that i have so far in this 13 year journey is that when God tells us to get somewhere then i get there and stay their until He says move. I have learned that i don’t have to make it happen or promote my self. If i will get in Divine alignment where God wants me that the blessing that is already there or on its way i don’t move and i receive what He has for me. I have seen good people, gifted people take matters into their own hands and decide they are going to do this or go here without hearing from the Master, miss the very thing they are needing most. I have been a full time student, full time employee and full time volunteer at church all at the same time. I know what that is like to see people not agree with my pastor and get mad decide they will step because they say they hear God too, only to step out of alignment and miss what God had for them in that season. Oh how close they may have been! i know God still loves them and has a plan and i am not saying that they were denied the blessing how ever they delayed for sure. I watched how the enemy would use envy and selfish ambition to lure these good people into their own philosophy of how things should work, only to see them leave out of sync with the Holy Spirit. They would leave with ambitious plans only to end up meeting the same problem at the next place. I learned that God places me under the ministry he wants me in and when i learn what i need to learn in that season He promotes and no one else. I remember a time when i was propositioned by another ministry, a large ministry while i had just been entrusted with the student ministry at the church i was at and even though my pastors told me it wasn’t God but the decision was mine. They loved me enough to let me go,  when i arrived at this ministry i saw things that i didn’t like and i was uneasy. Well i had lunch with my Pastor as a farewell last supper we received a phone call from a missionary who was laid over at the airport and wanted to see if my pastor could come out and see him. He asked if i minded and wanting to be cordial said yes. We go and this wonderful man of God was born in Indonesia and was full of the Holy Spirit. We simply have lunch and God begins to speak to me through this man. He told my Pastor that i was a great assistant to him and that we would do great things together. Well my Pastor told him that i was leaving and then he was bold enough to ask me, ” Do you know that God spoke to you?” Now you have to understand i had only been saved for about a year when this went down and i had a feeling, but i could not say that i heard God directly say go. He told me that if i stepped out from under the divine alignment that God placed me under without God Directly telling me,that i would be stepping out from under grace into the wilderness and that what would have taken a year here would take me ten somewhere else. Now i had three choices, i could defend myself and said of course i heard God do you think i would have done it if i hadn’t. I could have gotten my feelings hurt and left the church and gone back to my old life (which really wasn’t a thought for a second) or humble myself and say thank you Father for sparing me ten years of frustration and disappointment. By God’s grace i turned to my Pastor and said, How can i serve you and assist you like God wants me too? You have to realize that we had already gone before the youth and church saying i am leaving to go to another ministry, so i had to be willing to look like a fool. If you want to know the truth i would rather be a fool for Christ than to be fooled into the desert to wander for ten years. How about you?

Well i have to tell you that i am fully convienced that if i will only believe that God is big enough to lead me to the place and if i will get there i will see the goodness of God unfold in my life. With in 30 days of getting back in sync with God i met my future bride (Charla) on a blind date. With in 60 days i was asked to come on staff full time where i had been a full time volunteer. With in 90 Days i was asked to be the student Pastor and ordained. Here i am 12 years later as Sr. Pastor of the greatest church on the planet (no pride, i just really love our people). We just celebrated 5 years at Turning Point and we have seen hundreds of people saved and added to the Kingdom, we are also celebrating 10 years of glorious marriage, not to mention being blessed with 3 beautiful children Micha, Presley and Madelyn. The greatest part is that the best is still yet to come. So know that God has some awesome stuff for us so lets align with the Holy Spirit and get in Divine alignment and watch Him unfold every good thing in our lives. God is pouring so get there and stay put, stay positive, serve and it will flow upon your life in abundance!   


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